Friday, 1 July 2011

Ryszard Czekała

The Friday treat.

Remember me saying a while ago that a lot of Polish animation tends to be somewhat dark.

Well, here's 'Apel' ('Roll-call') by Ryszard Czekała:

Ryszard Czekała's animation broke away from the animation of the 1960's, moving towards more subtle yet still expressive plot-driven films.  'Apel' is a key example of that.  Not a lot of action is shown, but the action which is shown is hard-hitting.

'Czlowiek i chleb' ('Man and bread') goes down a similar route.  You may also be interested in seeing 'Ptak' ('Bird) and 'Sekcja zwłok'  ('Autopsy').

To find out more about him you can read here.

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