Friday, 15 April 2011

Julian Antonisz

The Friday evening treat.

I had planned to show you some famous animation from Poland, but after watching the Hillsborough memorial service earlier I could do with something that is more light-hearted than that which I had planned.  So here's some work by Julian Antonisz, 'Fobia' ('Phobia'):

This is with text.  It does help to know it, but one can still enjoy it without understanding what they're saying.  In any case, understanding the words doesn't mean that you'll understand the film.  Someone has kindly translated the words on the youtube video, so if you click on the title in the box you can open the film in youtube itself.

Generally, it's a somewhat surreal film about an artist (malarz) who has gone out to look for inspiration.  He sees many things: birds, worms, sunshine, a little dog, a sailor, animals, a little dog and more.  These however distract him and he has to say to himself "To work!  To work!"  ("Do pracy!  Do pracy!")

At some stage a woman starts speaking about how always knew that he had no talent and that she has a lover.  This appears to be his wife.  At the end however another wife figure emerges and, with increasing hysteria, begs him to come home; "You have talent!  I love you!"

Otherwise one can see pictures of the journey and what I can only describe as 'What the hell?' moments.  It gave me many laugh out loud moments.

Julian Antonisz was famous for his non-use of cameras.  He painted directly on film, or scratched the film (hence some of the effects one can see in 'Fobia' above.)

A bit more information about him can be found here.

Another film of his (not for those with headaches/hangovers and possibly epilepsy) is 'A highly committed movie' ('Ostry film zaangażowany').  You may also like 'How a dachshund works' ('Jak działa jamniczek').

Have a nice weekend!

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