Thursday, 13 January 2011

Time management



Yes, three songs to kick this one off as I couldn't decide which one to put here as they're all class.

Anyway, time waits for nobody, as Freddie sung.

That's why it's worth reflecting on it.

Are you happy with how you use your time?  Do seem to have a lot of time, or is it tick-tick-ticking in your head?

Do you find that things like answering the telephone or dealing with others at work stops you from your work?  Or perhaps you find yourself at the end of the week, or indeed the year and wonder what you have done with your year.  Do you feel that you waste your time on the internet (though not now, I would hope)?  Perhaps you find yourself working when you are very tired, and haven't yet worked out how to combine your work with your energy curves during the day.

To reflect on these matter, and more, have a workshop with me.

To find out more contact me via Email at

Workshops cost 50 złoty for one person for two hours
80 złoty for two people for two hours

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