Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Witold Giersz

The co-founder of the Miniture Film School in Warsaw and graduate of the Film school in Łódż, Giersz has produced incredible and innovative animation films.  His most famous is 'Kon' ('Horse').

Watching this is like looking at a painting in a gallery, but one where the paint moves and tells a story.  To watch this film is to be mesmerised by his usage of colour; somewhat impressionistic and most certainly vivid, like with Matisse.  He is actually a pioneer of layering thick paint directly onto the celluloid.  This enables the most simple effects to be possible, such as when a red and blue figure clashes, producing a single green figure.

Humour is a feature of another film of his that uses the same technique, 'Czerwone i czarne' ('The Red and the Black').  You can see clips of the same film here and here., and one can also see 'Stary Kowboj' ('Old Cowboy').

He has also made animation films using a more conventional style (but still possessing wit based on the relationship of two key figures) in 'Oczekiwanie' ('Awaiting').

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