Thursday, 13 January 2011

Communication training

'Communication breakdown, it's always the same.
Having a nervous breakdown, drive me insane'
(Bonham, Jones, Page)

Communication is something we do everyday.  Every word, look of the eye and movement of the arms is a communication to others or ourselves.  It's something we learned when we were months old looking into the faces of those providing for our needs, and something we learned from our family, friends and authority figures when we are developing children.

So, communication is something we all do.  But do we do it effectively?  As the song says, it can drive us insane, whether at work, in our private relationships, when we are out on the streets or eating out.  Wroclaw is a place full of thousands of people, and communicating with them, even through eye contact on the tram can be stressful.  While at home, our communication with flat-mates, family or lovers can lead to conflict about basic things like washing up, shopping and cleaning.

Therefore, I lay a very high worth on communication.  It's something vital to a healthy interaction with other people and can save us wasting time when we misunderstand or are misunderstood, when we learn how to listen to what people are actually telling us, when we learn when to realise that the conversation is about feelings, and when it's about the matter at hand.  It's also healthy when we realise what we actually want from communication.

In my workshop we look at an overview of communication and develop listening and talking skills and enable you to decide on your needs.

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