Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Review: Café rozrusznik

Finally the Wrocław workshops blog returns to reviews of places in Wrocław (see right under 'Reviews' to see more), now with a review of a café  in Nadordze, at 15 ul. Cybelskiego.

Rozrusznik means 'pacemaker' or 'starter motor', which I guess to be a reference to the coffee sold there.  To tell the truth, I'm not the biggest coffee drinker, but I am told that the coffee there is good (in its various variations).  They also have a few decent teas and other soft drinks (including some very nice fruit cocktails).  They also offer a few snacks (largely cakes and flans as well as vegetarian sarnies) that taste quite nice.

Do I recommend the place?  Well, yes.  In terms of places to get something warm to drink in Wrocław one has many cafés that are alright, but lack something.  They tend to be samey, and the decor is often boring; additionally the girls (for it is always a girl) who works there tends to place depressive music.  Café rozrusznik is only about a ten minute walk from the city centre, and there one can receive friendly service, a more unique decor and music that is actually quite decent (some jazz, some 70's funk, some classical music).

They sell fairly traded coffee, which means that those who produced the coffee are receiving a much fairer price for their work.  That it is in Nadodze it means that it is contributing to the development of what is quite a poor area.  Saying that, as one can see above, the prices are quite decent.  Indeed, labourers are known to buy coffee there.

While I prefer the more political/intellectual style of Falanster, Café rozrusznik is deffo a place to support (in any case, Falanster is open Mon-Sat from 4pm, while rozrusznik is open more or less from 10am till 8pm Mon-Sun.)

To go there one can take a nice walk from town across the Pomorski bridge, seeing some Nazi architecture on the left as one goes. The tram stop "Pomorska" is close.  Check out their Facebook group here.

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