Thursday, 13 January 2011

Inter/trans cultural training

(People seem to find this video funny, hence its inclusion here.)

Do you live or work with foreigners?  Are you about to move abroad?

An intercultural training with myself would be a good way for you to reflect on the nature of culture, to see what can occur when you face different cultures.

Are you wondering about that rules exist abroad, things like whether to shake hands or kiss them?  Have you heard that they are warm/cold/open/closed/bureaucratic/chaotic/well-planned and tend to drink too much/too little alcohol?  Are you wanting to know how to deal with such a difference.

Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.  As a Welshman from a small town I moved to a big town in England.  Then I moved to Bavaria in Germany.  Then to Berlin.  Then to Wrocław.  All the time I have been exposed to cultural differences, and they have caused me bother, let me tell you.

Examples?  Well, in Poland I was surprised by being kissed by various females.  I thought they wanted to hug me so I went to hug them, only to find them kissing my necks.  I could not remember being kissed on my neck by anyone other than previous girlfriends.  That wasn't too bad a difference.  Another one is not being served at a kiosk where I wanted some chips as the woman behind the window didn't speak to me.  Little did I know that I should have spoken to her first, instead of waiting for her to take the initiative.

What I learned was, and what those who come to my intercultural trainings find out, is that there are a number of unwritten cultural rules, and we only know they're being broken when they get broken.  The question is, shall we try to change the rules of other people, or make them keep to our rules?

All this and more shall be dealt with in the workshop 'intercultural training'.

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