Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Review: Przedwojenna Bistro, Wrocław

After my recent spate of articles about psychological sickness in Poland,  the fallout from the disaster in Smolensk and bizarre opinions in Radom, here's a much more cheerful article :)

You should know by now that I like to write reviews of places not really well known in Wrocław.  Here's another one for the list:

Bars in Wrocław tend to fall into two categories: studenty places (dark, full of students, bad beer) and touristy places (light, full of tourists; beer is either very bad or quite good).

The Przedwojenna Bistro ('Przedwojenna' means 'Before the war') is a different kind of place.  It looks retro 1920's style, like what bistros in pre-war Poland presumably looked like.  That means, thank God, no terrible pop music being played there.  You can sit there and get some kind of vague impression that you are sitting somewhere in the past in a more classy atmosphere than the kind of place where stag-go groups end up in.

One can get food and drink there.  Generally, the food is that which one eats with vodka, such as herring with onion and bread, or potatoes and white cream.  For meat eaters there are a few other dishes.

This juxtaposition of filling and fatty foods (though healthy) with vodka is something that all non-Poles need to learn.  Foreigners who come to Poland often have bad times due to the fact that they don't know how one should drink vodka: With foods that absorb the alcohol, taking breaks between the vodka shots.

The vodka is either the standard clear, or the żołądkowa vodka (orange coloured and sweet.)  There are other alcohols, beer and red wine (the red wine can be heated with spices in the winter).  They also serve various juices, tea and coffee.

The place is quintessentially in when things in Poland are good: Simple, cheap, and very good.  People can be friendly there as well, presumably because it is the slightly more discerning person who goes there.  If I just fancy a quick bit of decent grub and a bit of alcohol, this is the place.  It can add a nice top-up or warm-down to drinking elsewhere.

A place like this in Germany or GB would cost a bomb.  Buying stuff won't cost you an arm and a leg.  (OK, that's enough slang)  The place is ace. (You can stop the terrible poetry too)

It's right in the city centre, here, on Sukiennice 1/2.

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