Wednesday, 26 January 2011


'Do you want to come out with Piotrek and Ania?  They've invited us.'
'Errrrrrm.  No, thanks.  I just want to stay in.'
'What's wrong?  Don't you like them?'
'No, I just want to stay in.'
'You're angry with me?'
'No, not at all, I just want to stay in.'
'OK, be unfriendly then!'

This is a stereotyped dialogue, but have you experienced something similar?  That you or someone else wants to be by themself, and doesn't give a proper reason why?

Or do you find, when discussing work, that some people are all artistic and big with ideas and visions, while you are only interested in concrete facts?

Or maybe you are trying to make a decision with someone else, and they want to analyse the situation, while you want to talk about how you feel?

Or perhaps your have made a decision and wish to stick to it, but others keep wanting to change the plan?

These issues result from personality differences.  The thing is, do you really know which way of behaving is important for you?  Are you aware of the different needs that other people have, and how you may reconcile these needs?

My 'Personality' workshop uses the Myers-Briggs method of looking at personalities.  Through an overview of the theory of personality typology and through a psychometric test, I shall guide you to see what forms of behaviour you use most often, and through this you can gain self-awareness and therefore be more clear as to what you want, how you can communicate this to others; as well as understanding others better.

The workshop lasts two hours.

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