Friday, 8 April 2011

Włodzimierz Haupe

As my articles have been largely quite serious lately (and you should see the one I’ve prepared for you for Sunday!) I thought, for this Friday’s treat, that I’d show you something more light hearted.  Its’s by Włodzimierz Haupe.

I could find very little information about Włodzimierz Haupe on the internet, even in Polish, so I shall tell you just what I know:

Włodzimierz Haupe graduated at the Walberg School of Engineering in Warsaw and, after a time in Switzerland where he made his first animation, with Halina Bielinka, moved to Łódż.  He later co-founded the Doll Film School in Tuszyn (south of Łódż).

This film ‚Circus‘ (‚Cyrk‘) is a nice little story combining a circus, a lion, space travel and representatives from what was possibly in 1954 considered to be main ethnic groups of the world.  Enjoy!

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