Thursday, 13 January 2011

Conflict management

We all have conflicts.  Whether at home, at work or when trying to get on a crowded train.

For most of us, they are not fun.  They wind us up, they make us think about them afterwards with gritted teeth and sour faces.  They take up our emotions, and this can lead to headaches, bad stomachs or tense muscles.

Let me tell you, I've done the theme of conflict management many times in my seminars, but I often face people (young people who have to be in the seminars) who are resistant to dealing with the theme.  They often feel they are doing very well with the theme, thank you very much.

Then I see them in conflict with each other, and see them getting very moody, dividing themselves into sides and then not speaking with each other, and generally a bad feeling can occur.

I see this in everyday life as well.  People see the need to tell others very forcefully what they want the other person to do, or not to do, without thinking of how they are coming across, or how much success they are likely to have.  The letting go of the emotion of annoyance causes them short-term relief, but then the situation happens again......

So, I offer you the chance to have a workshop with myself about conflict management.  Through it we shall analyse the nature of conflicts, look at what causes them, and then work on strategies to de-escalate them.

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