Thursday, 14 April 2011

Information for readers

Dear readers.  You may have noticed that I have written a lot of articles recently.  It's been one of those weeks.  I have simply had lots of (a) ideas, and (b) time.

To help people keep track on new posts, I have installed an RSS Feed.  You can see it on the right.  By putting your Email address there, you can receive updates whenever I add a new post.

Most of my posts recently have been in response to conversations with my clients (most of my recent ones about history in Poland); a lot of my thinking is gained from such conversations, as well as  requests for reviews from readers (such as the ones about Przedwojenna and the Botanical Garden.)

In the future I plan to do the following articles:

* The usual Friday evening treat, tomorrow being some more animation from Poland

* Reviews of Laluna (a restaurant), Falanster (a bookstore/cafe/concert venue/place for political engagement) and the ecological fair on the square by St. Mary Magdalene's cathedral in town

* An article on Bożena Umińska-Keff, a feminist writer (who happens to be Jewish) from Poland

* An article on taboos in GB (seeing as I write so much about ones in Poland!)

* A review of the Dolin Baryczy nature park

* If I find the right information, I also plan to investigate the use of 'direct democracy' in Poland

* At some stage I plan to show photos of Wrocław, comparing old and somewhat dilapidated buildings and buildings look after renovation, asking the question 'which buildings look better?'

Do you have any requests?  (Other than 'stop writing articles'?)

Oh, the poll on whether 'Poland will be a better place in 10 years' is still open.  At the moment people are overwhelmingly positive about the future of Poland.  Please, though, write comments underneath articles (they can go underneath any article) so we can all learn the reasons behind your choice.

Keep in touch!

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