Sunday, 3 July 2011

Information for regular readers

It's my busy time of year, lads and lasses.  Therefore you shall find that the rate of articles I produce shall decrease, from now (I am about to go to Germany) till mid-September.  Any Emails to me will also require a degree of patience.

In the pipeline for future articles are:

A brief review of the Era Nowy Horizonty festival (I shall only be here for the end, hence the briefness)

A photo series on old and refurbished architecture in Wrocław (I've been planning this for a while now, but the weather hasn't been good enough for photos)

More animation from Poland

A look at some artists from Poland

An analysis of the Polish government's near monopoly on historical education

A review of attending churches in Poland

Something about the 'Orange Alternative', a somewhat surreal protest against the communist statist authorities in the 1980's in Poland

A review of the German 'Konkret' magazine

and.....when I have time I still have my idea for an article on historical taboos in GB.

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I wish you all a good summer!

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