Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pizzeria Laluna

Unfortunately, this restaurant has now closed.  I understand that the staff are trying to open another elsewhere, so watch this space.  Sadly, this means that there is now no good restaurant in Ołbin.

Eating non-Polish food in Wrocław is a mixed bag.  While the one sushi restaurant I have tried (77 sushi) was very good, other restaurants (another exception being an Italian restaurant, where however the cook is Italian and therefore the food is very good) leave more to be desired.  Basically, I have learned that restaurants in Wrocław are more to be trusted when they do Polish food.  There's a few I know which do good quality food (the fish and chips done in them are not of course near the standard of chippies back home, but will do).  I have tried pizza places (where tomato sauce is given with the pizza) and Mexican restaurants (oh, how I miss the sadly defunct Mexican I  knew in Chester) and, well, things could be better.  There may well be exceptions that you are free to tell us about.  Obviously I haven't been in all restaurants.

A good place for non-Polish food in Wrocław

One very obvious exception to this is Pizzeria Laluna.  It's a place not many people will have heard of, especially tourists, as it is not in the city centre.  It's here in Ołbin, here.  It's only about a ten minute walk away from Ostrów Tumski, so it's manageable for anyone who's seeing the sights of Wrocław.

It's attached to the Lalka cinema, one of the last remaining independent cinemas in Wrocław.  Lalka is a good cinema, worth checking out as they show interesting films; which of course is not always the case in the chain cinemas in town.

Anyway, back to the restaurant.  Of all the places I have had pizzas in in Wrocław I have to say that Laluna makes by far the best pizzas*.  They taste good, they have a big selection (including for vegetarians); they do interesting things (such as pizzas with sunflower seeds, cinnamon with aubergine) and they are not too pricey (the most expensive large pizza costs about 26 złoty).

One can also get some decent salads and other dishes.

I've been there with many people and they all were impressed with the food there.  Seriously, it's worth leaving the town centre where the pizzas are not guaranteed to be good and the service can leave something to be desired and go to Ołbin, the Neukoelln of Wrocław, and get some decent grub.

It's also the nearest thing in Ołbin that I know of to a decent pub.  Locals appear to go there occasionally just to drink beer and have some snacks.  All in all one has the ambiance there of a genuinely local place where one meets real people (warts and all, and I mean that in a good way.)  It doesn't pretend to be fancy (a common trait in restaurants in Poland), and doesn't pretend to be trendy.  They simply offer good food for a decent price.  The decor doesn't distract from the experience of being there, if you get my drift.  It doesn't blare pop music down your lugholes.

It's open till 10pm.  To be honest, I would recommend turning up before 9pm to order food :)

* I am told that a restaurant on the street (cannot remember the name) close to Le Clerc in Nadodze does very good pizzas.  Perhaps that'll be a review for the future.  They used to allow smoking there in the bad old days so I never went there.  Laluna always had a no-smoking area.

Edit: Me and the wife got a takeaway from there, a pizza and pasta with spinach.  It was poor.

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