Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Dresden, 13th February 2012. Part I

German people really can be ace:

Civic society in Germany makes it clear, what they think about the attempt by Nazis to instrumentalise the anniversary of the Allied bombing of Dresden:

 A "human chain to remember the destruction of Dresden 67 years ago - with courage, respect and tolerance - Dresden professes colour" of about 13,000 people around the old town, (Photo Jens Meyer / The Associated Press)

"For diversity, for tolerance, for Dresden"

"Dresden greets our guests....and good riddance to Nazis!"  
From the SPD site.

"In all mischief that happens it is not those who do it who are guilty, rather, those who didn't stop them.  Dresden theatres, museums and orchestras against right-wing extremism".
A poster hanging from the Dresden State Theatre.

A report from the anti-Nazi demo will follow in part II, including an analysis of the implications of the event for Polish civic society.

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