Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wanted: Intelligent, enlightened, deep and humourous writers (i.e. you)

I wish you a successful, happy and radical new year as we move onwards into 2012.

North Korea - Pyongyang :: Fairground Amusement Park 5.  From tide theory

You may have noticed the new look for the site.  I hope you like it (comments, as ever, underneath.)

It's not just the site design that's got something new about it, for this new year of 2012 (for some reason the numbers look good) there's going to be a few new features:

The aforementioned "Taboos and other subjects to piss people off" series.  I've already made a start there with some research into the British Empire (coming across the deaths of millions in a "famine" in India, as well as torture by British military in Kenya).  I've also done a fair bit of an article about online sexism by men against women (linking that with the "castration complex"), as well as looking into intersexuality.

I also plan to do a "Beer of the month" series, to help people to get to know good beers which one can drink here in Poland.

Finally, here's the reason for the title above: 

 If you pardon the American spelling of "arse"

I'm looking for people who already have a blog or website to write articles on this blog.  I want people who can write articles that are interesting, ones that let us know about something that one doesn't usually hear about.  They'll be part of a series that I'm calling "Wrocław: The heart of Europe".

(I'm doing that ironically.  Wrocław is supposed to be the "heart of Europe" due to its geographical location.  One has to bear in mind that "Europe" is a concept with no clear borders (despite what some may think); this engraving by Sebastian Münster from 1550-4 gives a view of where Europe exists

There you'll see that Bohemia is at the heart level, and Wrocław is more at the level of the *ahem*, well you can see for yourself.  In any case, according to Juliusz Słowacki it is Warsaw which is Europe's heart.  The question of where Europe geographically begins and ends is further complicated by the fact that some countries in Europe have territories in South America, North Africa and one certain countries' head of state is also the head of state of countries in North America and Australasia.  Seeing as American culture has influenced European culture, for better or for worse, and that species of birds live within the course of one year in both Europe and Africa, one comes to the conclusion that Europe is better seen as a flimsy concept than anything geographical.)

Anyway, all that is to say that I don't care where you come from or live; if you can write interesting articles then you'll do.  You may decide to take a geographical approach (I myself would be interested in hearing from protestors against Putin in Russia, or Kurds from Turkey) or not (any subject that is of interest to you, such as trees, cooking, sex, or whatever.)  That Wrocław is supposed to be "the meeting place" it makes sense for this blog being used to bring together many cultures (geographical and nongeographical) together.  Perhaps for inspiration you can look through the various articles you see on the right.

It doesn't have to be perfect English.  If needed I could tidy the English up a bit if you so wished.  Or if you write in German I would translate it.

(Of course, this is my blog, and I will exercise my power of deciding which articles or parts of articles to use.  Propaganda about how your country contains the best food/women/alcohol/hospitality will not find a place here, as will articles about how bad Romany/the Ukrainians/Israel are.)

So, if you have something cool to say, please write to with your idea for your article, and we shall move further.  As readers of this blog, I am sure that you people with intelligent things to say :)

Why should you do this?  Well, apart from getting flattery from me, there is also the chance to spread your wisdom around.  At the same time, you will gain a new readership via those who read my blog.  Meanwhile, you shall advertise your article on your blog/website, thus bringing a new readership to my blog.  It's a sharing exercise.  A purely positive event.

Join me!

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