Friday, 13 January 2012

Happy birthday to me......

The Wrocław workshops blog is now a year old!

 "Fireworks in Piazza Signoria".  From here.  Thank you judaizers!

I started it on order to promote my, err...workshops.  It has actually managed to bring a few clients my way.

Largely however this blog has been a place for me to spew out the many things in my head, things that I find interesting about life here in Poland as well as generally.

The highlights for others have been:

My article on "Bar Mleczny"
My response to the lies told about German anti-fascists at the 11/11/11 fascist marches in Wrocław and Warsaw
A review of Iron Maiden et al at the Sonisphere gig in Warsaw last June
A review of the Survival art festival, Wrocław.

My own favourite articles have been my series on animation from Poland, such as on Piotr Dumała, Witold Giersz and Julian Antonisz.  Not many people have watched them.  Seriously, give them a go.  The films I have linked to are well ace.  Also check out the other things under "Culture in Poland".

Otherwise my favourite articles are the ones about mental health in Poland after 1945.  I do believe that my article "Poland is psychologically sick" will help people to understand why some people in Poland now behave why they do, analysing the effects of history in Poland.  My follow-up article ("Depression and PTSD in Poland after 1945") to that using surveys was also a favourite of mine.

Otherwise things are looking forward with my "Taboos and other subjects to piss people off" series, which has kicked off with "Racism in GB" and will be followed by "Women's rights and multiculturalism in Israel".  I am also thinking of an article about right-wing support for martial law in Poland (for it happened.)

So, thanks to all my supporters!  If ever you want me to write about owt or have comments, let me know below.

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