Saturday, 10 December 2011

Review: Deco Bazaar

Shopping is not my favourite pastime.  One thing I hate about shopping is having to trape through shopping centres whre the music is always ghastly, having to fight past people going to some place where the food proves that the owners hate you and where the stuff to buy is largely the same stuff one could buy anywhere in Europe.  This is a similar approach to what I take with where I eat and drink; I'm not working in advertising or anything, just that I know what I don't like doing with my money and time.

For that reason I appreciate shops that are outside of shopping centres, indeed, are closer to where I live, and where the stuff which they sell is more unique and interesting.

Today I visited Deco Bazaar, which opened this same day.  They're a Polish chain store and they've opened a new base here in Wrocław.  They sell designer ware: Bags, cushions, jewelry, clothing, gift things and books about things like design and art.  One can see more of the stuff they sell on one of the links you just saw (they have an online service.)

If you're a woman and like a bit of style for decent prices (one can get decent stuff for less than 100 złoty) you'll like it.  If one looks at the links and clicks on "Pan" one can also see some decent stuff for men.  They also have cool books on modern art and design; as well as a few books for children.

The thing is is that style is a difficult thing to pull off.  Many people try to develop their own styles, but there tends to be a sameness about what we have, or the things we like are too expensive, or we don't know what we'd like to do with our rooms and experimenting can be too expensive.  The stuff at Deco Bazaar however don't cost too much so one can play about a bit more, so it seems.

What I liked about Deco Bazaar is the idea that one doesn't have to buy the same kind of stuff that other people have.  See how many men and women wear the same H&M clothes and accessories (such as those dreadful big framed glasses in fashion at the moment).  Nah, it appears, seeing as Deco Bazaar is much smaller than the likes of H&M that one have be a bit more unique in how one looks.  (Of course, if they were to be more successful their produce would become more standard and therefore more boring!)  You'll have your own tastes (I'm more inclined towards the colour black myself) so you can draw your own conclusions about the stuff there.  Seems alright to me.  There was a nice atmosphere there (well, it was their first day, but I guess it'll stay) and the service was friendly (long-term residents in Poland will know that this is something to be appreciated.)

It's at Łotietka 6, on the north side of the Odra, about a ten minute walk away from the city centre.

Just passing some information on.

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  1. Interesting that you use the word "trape"; I grew up in North Staffordshire, where we would say "traipse". Nowadays, I say "schlep"!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I've heard "schlep" being used. I actually lived in Stafford for 1.5 years, so I either picked it up there or back in Wales or the North West of England.