Monday, 7 November 2011

Welcome to this blog

This blog started off with me wanting to promote my training and historical expertise, being the money whore that I am.  It has however developed (by which I mean that hardly anyone has wanted a workshop from me) to me writing articles about many themes that interest me; which also, strangely enough, interest other people as well.

Therefore on Facebook I've started this group to help people keep in touch with the articles/promote the blog.  That may be why you're here now.

If you look on the right you can see a whole load of articles I've written.

Generally it is my articles about life in Poland that have proved to be most popular:

From a look at the titles you may gain that I am offering a negative view of Poland!  No, these articles show my attempts at promoting various things in Poland:

Indeed, in Wrocław, I write about things that others don't tend to write about:

I also occasionally write about life outside of Poland:
I plan to add to this in the future.

My most recent articles have been:

A fair trade cafe in Wrocław
The new Wrocław Modern Art museum

I shall also write my series on 'Taboos and subjects to piss people off', including the following:

How British people deal with British Empire history
Germany and the 'Expelled'
The RC church and power in Poland
Guy Fawkes' night in GB
Women who do evil things

Keep in touch either by joining the aforementioned Facebook group  or by typing your Email address into the RSS Feed at the top right.

Let us know your opinions about the blog via the comments bit under any of the articles, or via, or on the Facebook page.

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